2014 Consumer Participation Survey

Key Improvement Themes & Quality Improvement Recommendations 2014

 More housing

 Services working better together

 Services sharing information

 Better communication

 More funding

 Services to provide more care empathy and understanding

 Make things happen faster

 More information about options


Entire Local Area Service Network: Quality Improvement Recommendations

1. A lack of appropriate affordable Housing is the main reason people come into the coordinated service system and it is the greatest gap. The LASN must continue to be a strong advocate for more housing of this type and its activities in this should be more widely publicised. Consumers need to know we are working hard to meet this need.

2. ‘Someone to talk to and explain my problems’ remains a common reason that respondents contact an Access Point. Having staff available and/or trained in the provision of support during crisis, helping to smooth the transition, perhaps with a lived experience of homelessness, may well be a valuable additional service response. The role of consumers in facilitating this could be systemically supported.

3. Sharing of information between services within the coordinated service system remains an area that could be improved. In particular, information sharing between access points should happen. The SHS data collection means that most consumers give consent for the sharing of information and where possible (i.e. the SHIP client management system is in use) it needs to be facilitated. Better sharing of information between Access Points and Support Providers is always important and new and improved ways to do this should be a priority for the LASN.

4. Consumers need information about the progress of their situation. Long-wait times without information about current or future options should be avoided wherever possible.

5. Instead of lots of short-term responses we need effective responses. These may take more time and if so we need more longer-term supports or supports that are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of consumers.

6. Customer service is very highly rated and the areas of respectful treatment, explanation of rights and the provision of interpreters indicate this. These must continue to be treated as priorities.

7. That the LASN and CFWG reinforce the necessity for a random selection of survey participants in the 2015 survey.


2014 Entire LASN - Selected quotes

 Victoria neads more public housing

 More public housing and emergency housing

 Nothing else to mention except that I was helped extensively.

However, it's not easy with so many people on the wait list and not enough housing

stock for a large family needing 4 bedrooms and no housing stock readily becoming available. I went onto the housing list (general) in 2006.

 They need to find appropriate accommodation -family and kids - language barrier, and if you end up in a shared situation price should be looked at as for just a room you share with your kids it way too much

 Service to be available any time of the day to see the workers. (as the customer has to line up early before 9amto get to a limited spot available for the appointment for the day). Thanks

 Providing the homeless with information about what their choices are, what options they have and what yous can do to help them.

 By communicating more often to come to a conclusion. The homeless service system is not too complicated but I do think that when someone is homeless and has children - help should be given ASAP. Because in my case, I was thinking suicidal in relation to my kids and I - living in a care was not appropriate with 3 kids. Thank you.

 Do their job properly, have more empathy. Put yourselves in my shoes. This time around the homelessness service system is not too complicated

North West Local Area Service Network Access Point Report 2014

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North West Local Area Service Network Support Provider Report 2014

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