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Nation Building Allocations Fact Sheet - Sept 2010
29th September 2010
  by DHS - OoH

This fact sheet provides an overview of the tenant allocations of homes built through the Nation Building housing program in Victoria. This document will be periodically updated as the program continues through to completion in June 2012.

This fact sheet is accompanied by a collection of stories from tenants of Nation Building-funded homes, as well as contact details for regional housing offices and for providers of community housing throughout Victoria.

Tenant stories - Nation Building housing in Victoria
29th September 2010

These stories accompany the Nation Building Allocations Fact Sheet.

Registered Housing Associations and Providers Contact Details
29th September 2010
  by DHS OoH

This document accompanies the Nation Building Allocations Fact Sheet.

A Better Place: Victorian Homelessness 2020 Strategy
23rd September 2010

Victoria has released a new ten-year strategy, A Better Place: Victorian Homelessness 2020 Strategy. The strategy proposes a standard definition of homelessness and a focus on prevention and early intervention to reduce the number of people becoming homeless.

Download here (4075kb)
NWHN September 2010 Forum Council to Homeless Persons Victorian Election Campaign presentation
17th September 2010

CHP's 'It Tales a Home ... ' presentation on the campaign package that has been developed for the upcoming Victorian State Government Election in November.

NWHN September 2010 Forum Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program (SHASP) Presentation
17th September 2010

SHASP provides advocacy and support for social housing tenants (public and community), support to build long term sustainable tenancies, and advocacy to resolve tenancy related matters. Wombat, SASHS Western and HomeGround are the major providers in the N&W respectively. This presentation provides an overview of regional models.

NWHN September 2010 Forum National Rental Assistance Scheme (NRAS) Presentation
17th September 2010

NRAS is a not well understood scheme designed to work with private developers and Affordable Housing Associations (AHS's) to increase the supply of affordable rental housing. The 50,000 unit national target translates to 7,500 units in Victoria at 20% below market rents. The third round aims to deliver 4,300 units, possibly 1,000 in the N&W. How does it work? Who manages the stock? How do we get access? The attached presentation from the Office of Housing (Housing and Community Building division) provides answers to these questions.

New Application for Public Housing Forms
2nd September 2010

The new application for Public Housing has replaced the 4 existing public forms. Advantages include:

  • Clients only need to tell their story once rather than have to decide which application they need to complete to apply for housing
  • collecting and capturing consistent information for all clients
  • consent to contact a support person/agency and consent to participate in Income Confirmation are built into the form
  • if a client provides consent, an organisation/support can receive a copy of correspondence that the client receives (Section C of form)
  • builds a picture of the clients housing history (Section D of form)

The new forms are available on the internet or through your local housing office.

Link to document:

Engaging Marginalised and Vulnerable Families
30th August 2010
  by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the RCH Centre for Community Child Health

A Policy Brief that looks at barriers & ways to improve access to health and support services for marginalized families.

The integration of homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol services in Australia
30th August 2010
  by Paul Flatau, Elizabeth Conroy, Anne Clear and Lucy Burns

New Positioning Paper from Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) on the Integration of Homelessness, Mental Health and D & A services in Australia.

Released in August 2010

NWHN July 2010 Forum - OoH Presentation on the Role of the Registered Housing Sector.
29th July 2010

Continuing the conversation about Housing Associations & Providers, please find attached a presentation from Jo McInerney, A/ Director Office of the Registrar and Robert Macbeth, A/Manager Policy Review and Development, Housing & Community Building DHS, on the role of the registered housing sector.

For more information on registered Housing Associations and Providers, please visit the Housing Registrar's website

NWHN July 2010 Forum Yarra Community Housing (YCH) Social Housing Presentation
29th July 2010

Please find attached the presentation from Rob Leslie, CEO, Yarra Community Housing, that was presented at the North and West Homelessness Network Regional Forum on 29July 2010.

For more information please visit the YCH Website:

Download here (3800kb)
NWHN July 2010 Forum Presentation from Common Equity Housing Ltd
29th July 2010

Continuing the conversation about Housing Associations & Providers please find attached a presentation from Paul McKessy, Co-op Development, Common Equity Housing Ltd.

For more information, please visit CEHL's website:

NWHN July 2010 Forum - North & West Regional Housing Manager's presentation
29th July 2010

Continuing the conversation about Housing Associations & Providers, please find attached a presentation from Anthony Hardy - NWMR Housing Manager -providing an update on the Housing Association stock in the NW region.

Homelessness and Social Inclusion: Bringing Them in From the Margins
23rd July 2010
  by Travis Gilbert, Policy and Research Officer, Homelessness Australia

While sounding very much like a cliché, the statement is essentially true. The provision of a stable place of residence with some security of tenure can provide the foundations necessary for a person to establish connections with community and family and social networks and social services in the local community in which they live. It could be argued that having access to stable housing can provide the starting point for social inclusion.

That is not to say however, that all people who are experiencing homelessness are necessarily totally socially excluded. We know that many people who are experiencing homelessness form their own social networks and for people who are staying temporarily with friends or relatives it is likely they are still connected to social networks. For others the experience of homelessness can over time lead them to become isolated, marginalised and excluded from civic and social life.

In this article I will trace the origins of social exclusion/inclusion in public policy and provide an overview of its emergence in Australia before discussing its implications for people experiencing homelessness and the services that support them.

Moreland and Hume Health and Homelessness 2020 Submission
22nd July 2010
  by Zoe Probyn

Submission to Homelessness 2020 Task Force.

In February 2008 the HACC funded Access & Equity Project commenced at SVDP Housing Services. It examines a range of access & equity issues for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Moreland & Hume with a specific focus on health inequities, aiming to identify, develop and trial practical and sustainable ways to improve systemic responses and service provision.

Occasional Paper No. 28, Needs of clients in the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program
22nd July 2010
  by Austrlian Institute of Health and Welfare

Report on the High and complex needs census, 2008

The paper, Needs of clients in the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program, outlines the results of an investigation into the support needs of clients receiving assistance through the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP). The information collected identifies the major areas of need of clients, measures the level of support required for those needs and collects information on whether these needs can be met directly by agencies, whether the client will be referred to another service and describes barriers that might exist for these clients in accessing other services.

Occasional Paper No. 28 is available on the FaHCSIA website. To obtain a printed copy of this publication please contact 1800 050 009.

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities explained
20th July 2010

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) is one simple but important law that sets out our freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

Housing and children’s development and wellbeing: a scoping study
7th July 2010
  by Dockery, A.M., Kendall, G., Li, J., Mahendran, A., Ong, R., and Strazdins, L.

This scoping study reviewed existing literature on the connections between housing and childhood development and wellbeing it investigates the value and feasibility of conducting empirical research in the Australian context.

Access to Social Housing
30th June 2010
  by Victorian Auditor-General's Report

Victoria has an undersupply of affordable housing for those on low incomes. The Director of Housing (the Director) within the Department of Human Services (DHS) provides subsidised public and community housing for low-income Victorians. However, many low-income Victorians find it difficult to access public housing as it is increasingly targeted to those on the waiting list classified as having special needs. Waiting times for other tenants are up to seven years.There is a tension in the housing association model between financial viability and growth objectives and social goals of fairly allocating social housing to those on low incomes.

Download here (2315kb)
Indigenous Homelessness within Australia May 2006
23rd June 2010

The Indigenous Homelessness within Australia paper was a result of a National consultation conducted by the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Homelessness (CACH).


The paper brings together academic research, factual information and the views and opinions of Indigenous Australians touched by homelessness.

NWHN Bulletin June 2010
22nd June 2010
  by Jodi Mohr

Some of the topics covered include: VEC - getting people who are homeless enrolled to vote; Children’s Specialist Support Service; Berry Street - Post Care Support Information and Referral Program; Centrelink - Weekly Payments of Income Support, plus more! 

Australian Services Union thrilled at Brumby Government announcement for SACS workers.
22nd June 2010
  by ASU - Victorian Branch

Ater years of campaigning, the Australian Services Union is thrilled at the recent announcement of the Brumby Government’s support for the Equal Pay claim for social and community services (SACS) workers across Victoria.

Integrated Men's Family Violence Emergency Accommodation Program
22nd June 2010

The Men’s Integrated Family Violence Emergency Accommodation Program is operating out of HomeGround Collingwood, HomeGround St. Kilda and St. Kilda Crisis Centre (after hours).

Government-funded specialist homelessness services: SAAP National Data Collection annual report 2008
30th April 2010
  by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

In January 2009, the SAAP V agreement between the Australian Government and the states and territories was replaced by the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. This is the first report under the new arrangements and contains data from the Interim Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) National Data Collection. It provides an overview of assistance given to clients and their children by government funded specialist homelessness services in 2008-09.)

Download here (2482kb)
“Does camping count?” Children’s experiences of homelessness
20th April 2010
  by Maggie Kirkman, Deborah Keys, Alina Turner, and Daria Bodzak

In Victoria, children constitute a third of people attending homelessness services. This research aimed to gain insight into the homelessness experience of children accommodated in transitional support services in an urban setting. It is the first major investigation of children’s perspectives on the experience of homelessness in Victoria.

This Report of research conducted by the Key Centre for Women’s Health in Society at the University of Melbourne, commissioned by The Salvation Army Melbourne Central Division Research and Advocacy Fund, in partnership with the Council to Homeless Persons, Melbourne Citymission, and the Family Access Network.

Download here (2121kb)
Children and Homelessness Literature Review
20th April 2010
  by Dr Deborah Keys - Senior Research Officer - Research and Social Policy Unit Melbourne Citymission

Thirty years ago the ‘Burdekin report’ on Australia’s homeless children raised the issue of family homelessness (Human Rights and Equal Opportunity  Commission, 1989). In the intervening period, homelessness has become a significant problem for Australian children. While we cannot know the exact numbers of children who experience homelessness, Census data and data collected from Australia’s Supported Accommodation and Assistance Program (SAAP) indicate that the numbers are substantial and continue to rise.

This review was commissioned by the Salvation Army Melbourne Central Division Research and Advocacy Fund, in partnership with the Council to Homeless Persons, Melbourne Citymission, and Family Access Network, in conjunction with research conducted by the Key Centre for Women’s Health in Society at the University of Melbourne. The literature review was written by Deborah Keys of the Research and Social Policy Unit, Melbourne Citymission.

NWHN Submission to Improving Public Housing Responses Strategic Project
5th January 2010

This submission provides NWMR Homelessness Assistance Funded Services sector feedback on the suggested changes to the Public Housing Segmented Waiting List, and includes recommendations in regards to how these changes to the list will actually improve access to, and enhance the sustainability of successful housing outcomes for people who are currently homeless or at risk in the region.

The Road Home - Homelessness White Paper
14th April 2009
  by Australian Government

This White Paper, The Road Home, sets out a national approach to reducing homelessness, inclujding an ambitious target to halve homelessness by 2020 and offer supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who need it.  To make sure the Government remains on track to meet these important goals, this White Paper sets out interim targets for 2013. 

Link to document:

Opening Doors Framework - Better access for homeless people to social housing
8th July 2008
  by Housing and Community Building Division, Victorian Government

Opening Doors is a practice and systems approach to provide timely and effective access to homelessness and social housing services to people seeking assistance. The framework is for use by Housing and Community Building Division-funded homelessness assistance services and social housing services. When the framework is fully implemented in these services, allied services such as health, mental health and drug and alcohol services will be invited to link with local homelessness and social housing networks.

The Opening Doors framework is summarised in three documents:
• this Framework document (attached below)
• the Service coordination guide for local area service networks
• a Practice guide for workers.

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