Forms and tools

Initial assessment and planning tool

This is the standard initial assessment and planning tool used by access points across Victoria. 

Post referral feedback form

The attached post referral feedback form is used by support agencies to provide feedback to the access point services about:

  • whether a consumer needs to remain on the prioritisation list for access to further homelessness resources, such as transitional housing
  • information about when and where a consumer exits the homelessness system to
  • whether the consumer wishes the access point to forward their assessment to another access point
  • any updates to the assessment or prioritisation informaiton. 
The types of changes that the referring access point should be updated on are: changes to contact details, changes or impending changes to housing situation, changes to household.

IA&P desk prompt

This document is a prompt sheet for Initial Assessment and Planning workers to assist in exploring some of the issues that consumers present to homelessness services with.

Using the prioritisation profile in SHIP

The SHIP prioritisaiton profile can by used by access point services and support providers to:

create a prioritisation list

create a list of a specific group of consumers, such as those who the service is supporting through the Brief Task Based Response.

The attached document provides screen shots and an explanation for how to set up the prioritisation profile. Many of the fields will auto populate from the consumer's support period file in SHIP.