Resource Register

Quick guide to the Resource Register

Available homelessness resource vacancies are identified through the Resource Register. The Resource Register resources are divided by 'LASN'. The Northern and Western LASNs are combined in the Resource Register.

The organisation providing the resource is responsible for ‘logging’ its availability on the Resource Register. Support providers will generally log vacancies as crisis support, crisis accommodation, transitional support, interim response and will record HEF levels monthly on the Resource Register. There are specific resource categories for programs such as those funded through Creating Connections and Accommodation Options for Families.

Any LASN agency can view all the available resources in Melbourne's north and west. However, most resources are only available to the access point providers, who will 'best match' the available resources with all those individuals and households who are waiting for homelessness assistance.

Click below for the quick instructions to the Resource Register.  The full Resource Register Manual, instructions for accessing the Resource Register and a list of the Resource Register resource categories can be found below.

Resource Register Manual

Click below for access to the full Resource Register training manual.  

The Northern and Western Homelessness LASNs run training on the Resource Register. To find out when the next training is occurring, contact:

Resource register categories

Click below for a list of all the resource categories that are included in the Resource Register.

Registering for the Resource Register

The Resource Register is stored on the Department of Health and Human Services ebusiness website. You need to register for ebusiness in order to access the live Resource Register (PRODUCTION) and the Resource Register training environment (TRAIN).