Victorian Homelessness Networks

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Whilst there are some regional differences the Networks deliver many similar activities such as:

Forums for Practitioners on various themes relating to Homelessness & Family Violence

Secondary consultation and suggestions for staff from the Specialist Homelessness Sector and those from allied sectors about issues like navigating the system, training, & how to access specific kinds of homelessness support

Agency visits to services to talk about the impact of homelessness in the community and how the Homelessness Service System works to assist people experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Email distribution lists that staff can join to receive regular updates and information on training, conferences, policy changes, employment opportunities and much more

Facillitation of regional working groups on specific issues with a view to coming up with solutions to service gaps or barriers

Joint Submission or articles on homelessness & housing related issues

Buidling relationships between services and sectors through networking and sharing skills and expertise

Contact Us

Barwon South West Region - Andrew Edgar

Andrew is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Barwon South West Region. Andrew's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 5232 5176

Mob: 0418 522 800



Eastern Region - Sue Walters

Sue is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Eastern Region. Sue's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 8870 4011

Mob: 0419 363 261



Gippsland Region - Lisa Wilson

Lisa is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Gippsland Region. Lisa's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 5120 2152

Mob: 0400 600 068


Grampians Region - Jax Roan

Jax is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Grampians region. Jax's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 5337 2760

Mob: 0407 314 231


Hume Region - Jan Armstrong

Jan is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Hume region. Jan's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 5722 8000

Mob: 0407 727 721


Loddon Mallee Region - Jude Di Manno

Jude is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Loddon Mallee region. Jude's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 5434 4150

Mob: 0417 636 144



North and West Region - Cecilia Judge

Cecilia are the Homelessness Network Coordinators for the North West region. Their contact details are:

Ph: (03) 8327 2299

Mob: 0407 832 169



Southern Region - Karren Walker

Karren is the Homelessness Network Coordinator for the Southern Region. Karren's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 531 1270

Mob: 0404 256 822



Statewide Aboriginal Homelessness Networker - Dan Laws

Dan is the Statewide Aboriginal Homelessness Network Coordinator for Victoria. Dan's contact details are:

Ph: (03) 9510 6288

Mob: 0408 149 267




How do the Homelessness Networkers work togther?

To view or download a copy of the Homelessness Networkers Governance Model, please click here:

Joint Submission on the Pathways to a fair and sustainable social housing system - July 2012

To download a copy of our Statewide Submission in response to the public consultation paper - "Pathways to a fair and sustainable social housing system" click here:

Joint Submission on the Review of the Counting The Homeless Methodology - June 2011

To download a copy of our Statewide Submission to the Counting the Homeless Methodological Review click here:

Statewide Training Needs Survey 2011

In 2011 the Networkers sent out a Survey Monkey to HSS staff across Victoria seeking their views on Training Needs in the Homelessness Service System.

To view or download the Survey Summary click here: