Resources for Homelessness Week 2018

Working Together to End Homelessness Community action against homelessness: Homelessness Week 2018

To mark Homelessness Week, 6-10 August, homelessness services in Melbourne’s north and west are hosting a series of Homelessness events, to highlight the extent of homelessness in our community (see attached list of activities).

We are calling on community members to visit any of the events we are hosting and to sign a petition that will go to the Prime Minister and Premier. We also have an online version of the petition that you can sign by going to the following link Our petition requests immediate and comprehensive solutions to create the urgently needed increase in our housing supply including:

• Growth in social housing stock
• Taxation changes such as the removal of negative gearing
• Reform of planning regulations for capital builds such as inclusionary zoning
• Significant increase to Commonwealth Rent Assistance payments
• Greater attention to innovation in design and construction with a focus on affordable housing
  that can quickly constructed.

Petition to the House of Representatives

The Northern and Western Homelessness Networks are running two petitions asking that Members of Parliament implement strategies to address the current housing crisis in Melbourne.

The first is a petition to the Federal House of Representatives.  The second is a petition to the State Legislative Assembly. 

You can download the petition. When the petitions are complete contact one of the homelessness networkers: or

Petition to the Legislative Assembly

You can download this petition to the Victorian Legislative Assembly and collect signatures.  Once you have a completed petition contact one of the Homelessness Networkers: or

Everybody's Home Campaign

The Northern and Western Homelessness Networks support the National Everybody’s Home campaign, which is asking for:

• Support for first home buyers
• A national housing strategy
• A better deal for renters
• Immediate relief for Australians in chronic rental stress
• A plan to end homelessness by 2030

You can sign up to the campaign at:

North West Homelessness Networks Media Release

The Homelessness Week Working Group forwarded the attached media release to local papers.