Family Violence and Child Information sharing schemes and MARAM training
by Council to Homeless Persons.
11th October 2018

Training for information sharing schemes and MARAM
Integrated training on all three reforms
Family Safety Victoria and the Department of Education and Training are jointly working towards the roll out of an integrated training package focused on the family violence and child information sharing schemes with an introduction to MARAM. From 08 October, face-to-face training will commence.

Two-day face-to-face training program

Initially, training is being provided as a two-day, face-to-face, multi-disciplinary program. Commencing on 8 October 2018, the training will target approximately 4,000 priority personnel across all Phase One prescribed organisations and services, in 17 locations across Victoria. Priority professionals are those designated by their organisations as leaders or champions and those who will directly respond to information sharing requests.

Who should undertake training?

Information sharers and expert advisors (Sharers)

Information sharers and expert advisors are personnel in prescribed organisations and services who require a detailed operational understanding of the information sharing reforms. They will share information regularly during daily work practices, or will be required to advise on information sharing practices within their organisation.

Organisational policy and leadership (Leaders)

Personnel in organisational policy and leadership roles within prescribed organisations and services who are accountable for information sharers and expert advisors, and who may also need to share information or approve the release of information. They will play a role in supporting the introduction of the schemes to their organisations and sectors.