Wintringham Bus Tours
by Wintringham.
2nd June 2019

Wintringham is providng a half day outing with FREE lunch and a recreational activity, including a brief facilitated tour of possible housing options in the area to be visited. Accommodation may be Wintringham housing stock, or other accommodation providers.

The bus tour is targetted to over 50’s, experiencing homelessness/ or risk of homelessness within the City of Melbourne catchment. The idea is to gauge the interest of seniors experiencing homelessness, in housing options outside the CBD and inner city.

Given the chronic shortage of available housing in Victoria, it is unlikely an immediate or short term option. Rather, it is making participants aware of long term independent living options, responsive to their changing needs in their older years. Assistance will be provided to any participants who are interested in being waitlisted for housing.

If you think it may benefit your client groups, the project worker would be happy to come by for a brief discussion on the project and referral pathway, and to provide you with some flyers and brochures (see attached).

For more information contact: Mary-Jo Anagnos, Housing Support and Outreach Worker on 9375 3774 or at