Information for people experiencing homelessness

The 1800 number - 1800 825 955

If you are experiencing homelessness or worried that you might be soon, you can call 1800 825 955 and to talk to an Initial Assessment and Planning staff member about your situation.

This call is free from landlines and from most mobiles (not from some of the smaller mobile providers). When you call this number you will be connected to the nearest Homelessness Access Point Service.

There are 6 Access Point Services in the North West Region:

  • Launch Housing in Collingwood
  • Haven Home Safe Housing Service in Preston
  • VincentCare Victoria Glenroy Hub
  • Unsion in Seddon
  • SASHS Western in Sunshine
  • Frontyard Melbourne Youth Support Service for young people under 25 in the city

You can view or download a copy of the 1800 number poster (in different languages) here: 

NW Homelessness Access Points

Click here ( for more information and contact details for the Homelessness Access Point Services in the NW region:

If you would like to view or download the list of all the Victorian Homelessness Access Points (including after hours & specialist services) across the state please click here.

What happens next?

When you speak with the Initial Assessment & Planning staff either over the phone or in person, you can discuss your housing circumstances and any other issues that are worrying you or making your housing situation difficult.

The staff will talk through possible housing and support ideas and options and may be able to provide one off assistance with urgent tasks.

They can also make referrals (with your consent) on your behalf to a range of homelessness support options or mainstream services that can provide you with the support that you need.

For more information you can view or download the What Happens Next pamphlet here:

What is Transitional Housing? Pamphlet

Transitional housing is funded by the Victorian Government as part of its response to people who are experiencing homelessness. It offers a period of affordable, stable and supported housing to enable people to find long term housing. It also allows people the opportunity to deal with any issues that are affecting their lives. These issues may have impacted on their ability to maintain secure housing and may make it hard for them to find and keep housing in the future, if not addressed.

This pamphlet contains information on the rights and responsibilities of being a transitional housing tenant.

Helping Out Booklet

The Helping Out Booklet is a comprehensive list of free and low cost services that are delivered by more than 70 organistions in the City of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

You can view or download a copy of the booklet here: 

Emergency & Material Aid Services

Please click here to view or download a metro wide List of Emergency & Material Aid services:

The Consumer Charter

The Consumer Charter is for people seeking or receiving assistance from any Victorian community-managed homelessness assistance or social housing service.

It is designed to help individuals and organisations understand their rights and obligations. The Charter outlines your basic rights and responsibilities, including what you can expect from the organisations providing assistance to you, as well as what you need to do to help organisations provide the right assistance to you.

It also includes information about what to do if you have a complaint.

You can expect the organisations you are dealing with to:

• uphold your rights, as listed in this Charter
• run their organisations and provide you with services based on this Charter, as well as on the Homelessness Assistance Service Standards or the National Community Housing Standards
• be accountable to you, the community and the government for the way they run their organisations and provide services
• tell you your rights and responsibilities as well as how you can make complaints if you feel you need to.

Organisations will expect that you will meet your responsibilities and treat staff and other service users with respect and dignity.

You can download a copy of the Consumer Charter here:

Homelessness Advocacy Service

If you have had difficulty accessing the help that you need or have experienced a problem with a homelessness service you can contact the Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS).

HAS is a program based at the Council to the Homeless Persons in Fitzroy. They can provide you with advice, information about your rights and responsibilities and support to navigate the system.

HAS can be contacted on:
- Free Call 1800 066 256 or 8415 6213
- via ONCALL interpreting services on 03 9867 3788

You can view or download the HAS Information Sheet by clicking here:

Your feedback is important! We want to hear from you!

Local homelessness services are committed to hearing your perspectives about the work that they do. Your ideas help agencies to deliver better services to people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness. The following poster has been developed by the NW LASN to highlight the feedback already received from clients and the associated actions that have been established to respond to it.

Homelessness services in the North West region want to hear your ideas about how they can provide better services. They have developed a Poster to promote a new database they are trailling and are encouraging involvement from people who have used homelessness services. The database will be a list of people who have accessed homelessness services and want to help to improve them.

State Minister for Housing

In Victoria's State Government, Martin Foley is the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Mental Health, Equality and Creative Industries. You can contact Minister Foley at his Ministerial Office:

Level 22, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Ph: (03) 9096 7500

Or via Email:

If you would like to view media releases from Minister Foley please click here 

Federal Minister for Social Services

The Federal Minister responsible for homelessness is Christian Porter - Minister for Social Services.  You can contact Minsiter Morrison at his Ministerial Office:

Contact details

Parliament Office

PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

(02) 6277 7560
(02) 6273 4122