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The North & West Homelessness Networks (NWHNs) are networks of Homelessness Assistance funded services operating in Melbourne's North & West metropolitan divisions. For more information, view the About NWHN page of the site.

As well as offering general information on homelessness assistance, this website facilitates communication between NWHN members, providing them with a range of relevant news and resources.

Homelessness Assistance Funded Services

The North & West Metropolitan homelessness service system (HSS) is made up of over 200 programs that are funded to provide assistance to people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. Five of these services are funded through the Transitional Housing Management (THM). The remaining programs are funded as Specialist Homelessness Services to assist people to prevent or end the experience of homelessness.

Opening Doors

Access to Homelessness Assistance funded agency resources in the region have been streamlined with the introduction of the Opening Doors Framework launched in July 2008, and going 'live' in the region on 14 December 2009.

Opening Doors is also commonly referred to as Access Points, which is first point of contact if you are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

For more information about Opening Doors and regional models of access, please visit the North and West Local Area Service Networks section of this website.


Mr Frank McGuire MP and Ms Bronwyn Halfpenny MP attend NWHN Youth Homelessness Matters Day event
Mr Frank McGuire MP, Member for Broadmeadows, spoke at the North and West Homelessness Networks' Youth Homelessness Matters Day Event on 5th April.  Mr McGuire spoke passionately about his plans to improve opportunities for young people in the Broadmeadows area and announced further opportunities created by the Andrews Government for further expansion of social housing.

Ms Bronwyn Halfpenny MP, Member for Thomastown showed her support for addressing youth homelessness in Melbourne by attendingthe North West Homelessness Networks' Youth Homelessness Matters Day Event on 5th April 2017. More

Mr Peter Khalil MP at NWHN Youth Homelessness Matters Day Event
Mr Peter Khalil, Federal Member for Wills, attended the North West Youth Homelessness Networks' Youth Homelessness Matters Day Event on 5th April 2017.

Mr Khalil spoke very passionately about an Australia free from intolerance and racism and about the need ofr an affordable housing strategy.  Mr Khalil acknowledged the work of the Andrews Government in beginning to address the housing crisis in Australia, but identified that the Federal Government has not taken the steps needed to address the crisis on a Federal level.

See attached Youth Homelessness Matters Day Press Release. More

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