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Northern and Western Homelessness Service System

The Northern & Western Homelessness Networks (NWHNs) are networks of Specialist Homelessness funded services operating in Melbourne's North & West. For more information, view the About NWHN page of the site.

As well as offering general information on homelessness assistance, this website facilitates communication between NWHN members, providing them with a range of relevant news and resources.

The North & West Metropolitan homelessness service system (HSS) is made up of over 200 programs that are funded to provide assistance to people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. Five of these services are funded through the Transitional Housing Management (THM) Program. The remaining programs are funded as Specialist Homelessness Services to support people to prevent or end the experience of homelessness.

Accessing homelessness services

To access homelessness support and transitional housing, you need to make contact with a Homelessness access point service. Attached is a list of the access point services in Melbourne's north and west.

Access point services:

  • provide an Initial Assessment and Planning (IA&P) service – working with people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness to assess their immediate needs and risks and work with them to develop a short term plan,

  • prioritise for access to homelessness resources such a refuges, case managed support and assistance to find private rental accommodation,

  • have limited funds available to purchase emergency accommodation, private rental and housing establishment. 

Melbourne is experiencing a housing crisis and the numbers of people who can not find a safe and affordable home are increasing as a result.

This means that access point services can't always see everyone who presents to the service each day. The services also do not have enough funding to purchase emergency accommodation for all those people presenting who have nowhere to sleep.


Motels and misery
The Northern and West Homelessness Networks have launched "A Crisis in Crisis: the appalling state of emergency accommodation in Melbourne's north and west."   Many thanks to: Uncle Jack Charles, Mark O'Brien, George Hatvani and Kathy for launching the report with such passion and honesty. 

See the ABC news on the report at: 

and the article in The Age:

If you would like to promote the report and you have social media:

  • Tweet including the #motelsandmisery hashtag
  • Follow the @western_network twitter account and RT any tweets from that account
  • Link to other hashtages: #EverybodysHome #springst #auspol #homelessness
  • Share the URLs above to any media coverage from The Age online and ABC online

Link to the report and the launch speeches at:

This report has been prepared by the Northern and Western Homelessness Networks in response to consumer feedback that highlights the crisis in crisis accommodation in Melbourne’s north and west. This report highlights the appalling conditions that people are required to live in while they wait for more secure accommodation to become available, if at all.

Homeless 'emergency': 40% of those needing help housing turned away
Almost 40 per cent of people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness in Victoria were refused when seeking help last year, as the state’s social housing shortage grew more acute.

New figures reveal the Andrews government failed to increase the size of Victoria’s social housing stocks in its first term, instead overseeing a small decline in the amount of social housing across the state.

The Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services, published on Tuesday, reveals that Victoria has the second worst record in the country for failing to meet the housing needs of vulnerable people, behind NSW.

It also reveals that the state went backwards in tackling the problem during Labor’s first term.

Click here for the full article:

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